Eddie Vedder Says It’s Hard To Forgive Those Who Committed Suicide

Pearl Jam lead singer Eddie Vedder opened up about suicide and losing his beloved friends during his recent conversation with Apple Music. Vedder’s words about having a hard time and forgiving the ones who committed suicide reminded everyone of Chester Bennington and Chris Cornell’s tragic deaths.

Soundgarden and Audioslave lead singer Chris Cornell struggled with severe depression and addiction problems for a very long time. He was able to get rid of his alcohol addiction when he decided to quit in 2005 after he had been checked into a rehabilitation center. His way of recovering was also helping the other addicts who needed to realize that they could choose a healthier life. However, it can be said that he couldn’t fight his depression anymore as Cornell committed suicide by hanging on May 18, 2017.

Unfortunately, a few months after Cornell, Linkin Park icon Chester Bennington killed himself in the same way on July 20, 2017, which turned into a devastating coincidence for the Soundgarden frontman’s family and friends. The day that Bennington passed away would have been Cornell’s 53rd birthday. As he was both musicians’ close and longtime friend, Eddie Vedder went through hard times because of losing them so early.

Vedder highlighted that it’s still hard for him to get over their deaths, and in his recent interview, he stated that sometimes people can feel angry with their friends who committed suicide and left them with this everlasting pain. Therefore, according to the Pearl Jam frontman, forgiving them can be a very challenging process. Even though he didn’t give their name, Cornell and Bennington were the first names that everyone remembered.

In Vedder’s words, he said:

“Sometimes it’s hard to find forgiveness in people that have committed suicide. It’s hard to forgive them, you can be angry for a long long time.”

You can watch the interview below.