Eddie Van Halen’s Disappointment About Van Halen Fans


The classic songs that rose them into prominence naturally have a special place in most musicians’ hearts, while they might also be annoying for some after a certain point. Because when a song makes them super famous, they have to play it all the time since it is generally the most requested and expected one from the audience. Consequently, sometimes artists get entirely sick of those songs that settled in the center of their music career.

On the other hand, these hit tracks might have the potential to overshadow the artists’ or the bands’ other works and the new materials they put out due to their enormous popularity. Most music lovers buy concert tickets to see their favorite bands play their biggest hits. However, the musicians might also want their other pieces appreciated as much as the popular ones. The legendary late guitarist Eddie Van Halen also had a slight reproach to the fans about this issue in the past.

Why Did Eddie Van Halen Feel Frustrated With The Fans?


One of the most influential guitarists of all time, Eddie Van Halen, sadly passed away in October 2020, at age 65, after losing his long-term battle with cancer. However, the guitarist managed to leave behind an unforgettable legacy with his exceptional talent and incredible guitar work in his band, Van Halen. The band has built a fan base for nearly five decades they have been active.

Van Halen fans are very loyal to the group, as expected. However, they once disappointed Eddie Van Halen at the band’s live shows. In an interview with Rolling Stone in 2015, the guitarist discussed the fans’ reactions to their twelfth and final studio album, ‘A Different Kind of Truth,’ on February 7, 2012. The band also supported the record with an extensive tour.

The rocker stated that when they played those new songs in the album at the live shows during the tour, the fans didn’t seem interested in hearing them, leaving the guitarist heartbroken and disappointed. Eddie criticized the fans’ profound desire for the classics rather than hearing their new material. He knew these songs could also be classics after years, but he expected VH fans to react more willingly.

Eddie Van Halen’s disappointment over VH fans in his own words:

“We put out ‘A Different Kind of Truth’ in 2012. But then you go on stage and play those new songs, and the audience looks at you like, ‘What’s this?They want to hear the classics. It’s kind of a double-edged sword. Maybe ten years from now, stuff off of ‘A Different Kind of Truth’ will be considered classic, and people will want to hear those.”

Although Eddie knew that Van Halen fans would never stop supporting them, he still felt disappointed over their reaction to the band’s final album. It is understandable to expect more appreciation for what they worked for so long besides their hit songs.