Eddie Trunk Blasts David Lee Roth For Disrespecting Eddie Van Halen’s Passing

The music historian and well-known radio personality Eddie Trunk, who’s known for his close relationship with dozens of rockstars, turned against David Lee Roth after listening to the rockstar’s latest interview during which he disrespected his late bandmate, Van Halen’s iconic guitarist Eddie Van Halen.

Eddie Trunk is one of the most well-known talk show hosts in the rock scene and he started out his career as an employee of Megaforce Records which had signed bands like Metallica and Anthrax. He was very hardworking and talented which helped him become the vice president of the company at the age of 25.

As he’s been in the rock and metal scene for such a long time and is very knowledgeable about the history of the genres, he often expresses his views about bands and musicians during his podcasts and through his social media accounts. His latest tweet was about David Lee Roth’s recent interview with Joe Rogan, which seems to have upset him a lot.

In his tweet, Trunk criticized Roth for his dismissive attitude considering Eddie’s passing. Although he talked about Van Halen’s drummer and co-founder Alex and bassist Mike Anthony, he didn’t even mention Eddie Van Halen’s name. Eddie said that he thinks it’s unbelievable that Roth didn’t acknowledge Eddie Van Halen’s passing or say anything to commemorate the guitar icon.

Here’s what Eddie Trunk said in his recent tweet:

“I listened to a 3-hour interview with David Lee Roth on Joe Rogan’s podcast. Eddie Van Halen was not only not discussed, but his name never even came up. How is that possible? Alex’s was often. So was Mike’s. How does DLR not at least even acknowledge EVH passing?”

You can check out his tweet below.