Ed Sheeran Recalls How The Guitar Eric Clapton Gifted Him Was Burned In A Studio Fire


During an appearance on First We Feast, Ed Sheeran has remembered the time when his Martin acoustic guitar was severely damaged from a fire that started in a studio after it was gifted to him by Eric Clapton.

Ed Sheeran’s mentioned guitar was restored by Monty Guitars after they have spent a year trying to bring the Martin given to Sheeran by Eric Clapton back to life. According to an Instagram post by Monty Guitars, they were asked by Joe Rubel for this secret restoration project. As seen in the Instagram post, the guitar was badly damaged from the fire and was thought to be destroyed, but it was later revealed that most of the damage was rather cosmetic.

The signature of Eric Clapton on the back of the guitar luckily didn’t take much damage, so it was restored too. It is understood from the photos in the post that the guitar now looks brand new although it looked like it was burnt like a match before.

The Instagram post read:

“In 2019 we were asked by Joe Rubel to undertake a secret project, to restore Ed Sheeran’s very special Martin Guitar given to him by Eric Clapton. It had been badly damaged in a fire in his home studio and was thought to be destroyed, the initial plan was to take the back off, which had been signed by Eric, and use it to replace the back on a new EC model.

Once we had looked it over it became apparent that structurally the guitar was pretty much sound and the damage was largely cosmetic. Luckily the back with EC’s signature was really the only thing not resembling a charcoal briquette so we decided the best thing to do was strip it, spray it and rebuild it.

We were really proud to be part of the project and thrilled that Ed was happy with the guitar!”

The story of the guitar was revealed by Ed Sheeran during his talk on First We Feast, as he told what happened to his dear gift. He began saying that Eric Clapton was his hero and also the reason he started playing guitar, stating that they were friends since 2015. Recalling the story of the guitar, Sheeran said one day he went to Clapton’s house and he took the guitar off the wall, giving it to Sheeran after signing its back.

Ed then added he kept the guitar at home in the studio, and while he was on a tour the guitar was burnt in a fire which left his music studio burnt to the ground. He stated that the guitar was burnt to a crisp, being ruined after the fire. Sheeran then ended the story with his comments on the newly-restored version of the guitar as he said it plays, looks, and smells amazing with Clapton’s signature still on the back of it.

Ed Sheeran told First We Feast that:

“My hero is Eric Clapton, he’s the reason I started playing guitar. I got to know him in 2015 and we’ve been friends since. One day, I went to his house, and he just took his guitar off the wall and just gave it to me. He signed the back and said, ‘Just keep my guitar.’

I kept it in my studio at home – it was the only guitar at home in the studio – and when I was on tour my friend phoned me up and said, ‘Your music studio is on fire! It’s burning to the ground!’ I was like, ‘Fuck, the guitar is in that studio!’

The guitar comes out ruined. It’s burned to a crisp.”

He then shared his thoughts on the restored version, saying:

“It plays amazing, it looks amazing, it actually smells amazing and it still has Eric’s signature on the back. So, that’s like my favorite guitar.

According to the guitar’s photos that have recently surfaced, it looks almost new now contrary to the condition it was in before. It was apparently a wonderful surprise for Ed Sheeran to get it back with its former glory.