Ed Sheeran Feels Concerned About The Future Of The Music Industry

Ed Sheeran recently sat down with Audacy Live and expressed his confusion about the growing influence of AI (Artificial Intelligence) in various sectors. When asked about the use of AI in the music industry—from songwriting to creating tunes, or even replicating voices (for scale, consider the ‘I Hate Everything About You’ cover by Plankton from Spongebob Squarepants)—Ed responded:

“What I don’t understand about AI is like for the last 60 years, Hollywood movies have been telling you ‘Don’t do it,’ and now everyone’s doing it, and I’m just like ‘Have you not seen the movies, where they kill us all?'”

Sheeran pointed out that if all tasks become AI-driven, the essence of human experience diminishes:

“Also like, I just don’t know why you need it, if you’re taking a job away from a human being, I think that’s probably a bad thing. Because then the world is just going to be… The whole point of societies, we all do jobs and do things… If everything is done by robots, everyone’s going to be out of work. I just find AI a bit weird.”

The guitarist then added:

“But you know, ChatGPT? F*cking why not?”

Sheeran’s unique songwriting process was previously discussed, by both Ed himself and his friends, and colleagues. In a Rolling Stone interview, one of his collaborators, Snow Patrol guitarist Johnny McDaid described it as:

“A songwriter is sort of an antenna. They pick things up in the ether, and depending on how wide the frequency band of your antenna is, you tend to genre-fy yourself. With Ed, his frequency band is so wide that it really can come from anywhere and be anything. He approaches every song he writes as if it’s the first song and the last song. He approaches it with this real tenderness and curiosity.”

Ed Sheeran’s ‘The Mathematics Tour’ is ongoing. The nearest concert is on August 11, and the tour is slated to conclude on September 23. Click here for dates and ticket details.

You can watch the whole interview below.