Ed Sheeran Doesn’t Consider Distinguishing Genres Reasonable

Ed Sheeran, the multi-platinum singer-songwriter, has been in the music industry for over a decade now, and with his latest album, ‘- (Subtract),’ set to release on May 5th, he sat down for a candid interview with Rolling Stone. Sheeran talked about his journey, including his battles with depression and the creative process behind his new album. But the topic that caught everyone’s attention was his views on music genres.

Sheeran has always been known to blur the lines between different music genres, and in his recent interview, he opened up about why he doesn’t believe in the concept of music genres. He stated that he thinks there are only two genres in music, good and bad and that kids today don’t believe in genres either. According to him, kids today make playlists, and the boundaries of genres do not limit them.

Sheeran’s perception of music genres reflects the current music landscape, where the lines between different genres are increasingly blurred. With the rise of streaming services and playlists, people are no longer limited by traditional genre boundaries and can explore different types of music. Sheeran described this freedom of expression and creativity that is at the heart of music and is what makes it so special.

Ed Sheeran’s words about the unreasonable separation of genres read:

“I think it’s not being bogged down by what you started off as. I think there are two genres. It’s good and bad. And I don’t think kids believe in genres anymore, either. Now it’s just playlists, and kids are like, well, I like this song by this artist, and I like this song by that artist. And it might be a Skrillex song next to a Doja Cat song next to a Kendrick Lamar song.”

Ed Sheeran’s views on music genres are a testament to his creative spirit and his desire to break free from the constraints of the past. As he gears up for the release of his new album, fans eagerly wait to see how he will continue to push the boundaries of music and challenge the traditional definitions of genres. With his unique sound and refusal to be limited by genres, Sheeran will continue to make music that transcends boundaries and connects with listeners worldwide. The first single, ‘Eyes Closed’ from the upcoming album, is only the start.