Derek Sherinian Says Steve Stevens’ Playing Is Overlooked Due To His Strong Image

Keyboardist Derek Sherinian recently joined Artists On Record for an interview and argued that Steve Stevens‘ guitar playing doesn’t receive the attention it deserves due to his strong image.

Derek Sherinian worked with many music acts throughout his music career, one being Billy Idol. Providing his keyboard skills to Idol between 2002 and 2014, Sherinian toured with the musician. Moreover, the keyboardist also recorded with Idol on his fifth solo album, ‘Blood of the Snake.’

Sherinian’s bandmate Steve Stevens worked with many important names in the music scene and contributed to Idol with his talented guitar playing and songwriting. He worked with Idol since the beginning of the musician’s solo career, making great hits with the successful singer.

During his tenure with Billy Idol, Derek Sherinian had a chance to observe Steve Stevens’ personality and musical talents. Speaking to Artists On Record, he argued that he had given around 50 interviews, and in almost each of them, many said to him that Steve Stevens is an underrated guitar player.

After that, Sherinian also stated he heard the same about Nuno Bettencourt, but Stevens and Bettencourt are famous and respected guitarists in the scene. However, he argued that Stevens’ guitar playing and his diverse sound often get overlooked due to the strong image he tries to reflect.

During the conversation, Derek Sherinian said the following about Steve Stevens:

“Everyone keeps saying in these interviews, I’ve done about 50 of them so far, and everyone keeps saying ‘underrated Steve Stevens and Nuno Bettencourt.’ But both of those guys are totally famous and respected players; I don’t see where ‘the underrated.’ I think what is with Steve is that he has such a strong image, and his whole trip has been very image-based that his playing, how good and how diverse he really is often gets overlooked.

You can watch the rest of the interview below.