Duff McKagan Recalls Slash’s First Ad Listing His Influences, ‘Fear, Aerosmith, Early Alice Cooper’

Guns N’ Roses bass guitarist Duff McKagan spoke in a recent interview with Rolling Stone Magazine and talked about how he met the guitarist of the band, Slash.

In the conversation, Duff mentioned the struggle he had because of the culture shock when he moved from Seattle to Los Angeles and revealed how he met with Slash there.

Moreover, Duff saw a guy who had an ad about himself that tells about his influences, which are Fear, Aerosmith, and early Alice Cooper. Later on, he learned that his name is Slash.

Furthermore, Duff praised the talent of Slash and pointed out how a good guitarist he was by saying that he has never been in a room with a guy on his age that plays the guitar in such a great way.

Here is what Duff McKagan said:

“I moved down to L.A. in September of ’84. As a punk kid from Seattle, it was a total culture shock. Of course, I knew about, like, Eddie Van Halen and that kind of guitar playing.

And I knew that first Mötley record they had put out themselves. But moving here and seeing all the flyers on the telephone poles and shit…

It was a lot of bands, a lot of long hair, a lot of outfits, you know what I mean?… He had this ad that said, ‘Influences: Fear, Aerosmith, early Alice Cooper.’ And his name was Slash.

So I thought he was a punk rock guy like me. I called him up, we talked on the phone – totally cool guy…”

He continued:

“We ended up that night going back to Slash’s mom’s house. We’re hanging out in his room in the basement and drinking vodka and he starts playing guitar.

And I’d never been in a room with a guy my age who played guitar like that.”

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