Drummer Dad And His Baby Rocks Out To Metallica’s Enter Sandman By Air Drumming

The famous Instagram page includes a drummer’s father pretending to play drums with his 8-months-old daughter named Lane shared another video in which the extremely adorable father and daughter duo performed the entrance of Metallica’s iconic track, ‘Enter Sandman.’

As some of you might be familiar with, there’s a charming Instagram account named ‘Heavy Metal Baby‘ that includes a father who’s apparently also a drummer named Marcel Desobeau and his baby girl Lane. The father and daughter have the best time while playing alone the iconic rock tracks’ drumming parts as their fans receive a cuteness overload.

So far the ‘Heavy Metal Baby’ nearly has half a million followers on its official TikTok page and nearly 200k followers on its official Instagram page as a growing account and fans cannot get enough of seeing the incredible bond between the father and the daughter through music.

While performing countless legendary songs, one of their videos which was posted over a month ago including the iconic duo performing one of the monumental songs of Metallica went viral and became a fan favorite as Marcel and little Lane played the entrance of ‘Enter Sanman’ while wearing matching white bows on their heads.

Here is what the ‘drummer dad’ said:

“The people have spoken. Heavy Metal Baby picked out the bow”

Here is what a fan commented:

This honestly might be the best one yet!”

You can see the Instagram post below.