Drummer Bride And Guitarist Groom Play Metallica’s Master Of Puppets On Their Own Wedding


Every wedding has its own unforgettable memories which will be always remembered by the happy couple. One of those unforgettable wedding moments became more distinguishing than the others since it involved a performance of Metallica’s iconic song by the bride Annette Ortiz and groom Dennis Diaz on their own wedding day.

As you may know, Metallica released their third studio album entitled ‘Master of Puppets’ on March 3, 1986. James Hetfield was on the vocals, Kirk Hammett was on the guitars, Cliff Burton was on the basses and back vocals, and Lars Ulrich was on the drums. The album was the last album of Burton with Metallica before he died in a bus accident. ‘Master of Puppets’ was one of the most popular and iconic singles of Metallica’s third studio album.

The song reached the top of various charts listing the greatest metal songs of all time.  The musician couple, Annette Ortiz and Dennis Diaz also loved the song so much that they decided to perform a cover of ‘Master of Puppets’ on their wedding day. Annette Ortiz was the former drummer of Fatal Posporos and Half Past-Two while Dennis Diaz had a Metallica tribute band named Trapped Under Rice.

After the video of their performance went viral on internet, the couple was invited by Metallica to the celebration of the 30th anniversary at the Fillmore in San Francisco. It was a private concert for Metallica’s fan club members only. On December 10, 2011, Ortiz and Diaz had a chance to perform ‘Blackened’ with Metallica after their popular cover during their wedding day.

You can watch the videos below.