Disturbed’s David Draiman Believes The Current Rock Scene Is ‘Pathetic’

Disturbed frontman David Draiman recently spoke to Loudwire about unity and the state of the current rock scene.

During the interview, the rocker shared his thoughts on the rock and metal community and the need for unity- both among fans and among musicians.

Why Draiman Thinks The Rock Scene Is Pathetic

The message Draiman is trying to give to his audience seems to be different from other rockers’. The rocker explained what others were trying to achieve with their message and shared his thoughts on them:

“There are so many people trying to push a very, very different kind of message in front of their respective podiums and preaching to their respective choirs. It’s a shame what we’ve become.”

Not only the music community but the general human communication has been restricted by conflicts and incidents over the last few years, including Covid, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and more. According to the rocker, the incidents made people not communicate and have conversations. He said of the pandemic:

“We got a hell of a lot crazier. Everything was already really bad — the divisiveness, the hyper-polarization, the hyper-partisanship. Nobody wants to have a dialogue anymore. Nobody wants to have a civil conversation anymore. They just want to meet and speak with other people that already think exactly the same damn way they already do. It’s useless.”

The Unity In the Scene

Draiman’s thoughts on unity are not only limited to words. A few months earlier, the rocker stopped a concert to comfort a scared younger fan. He went off stage to approach the fan and made sure that she was in a safe environment and that she shouldn’t be scared.

In addition to his actions, the rocker doesn’t forget to thank his fans whenever he opens up about mental health, his appreciation and more.

Below, you can watch the fan-shared video of Draiman comforting the young fan.