Disturbed Drummer Wishes To Replace Charlie Benante In Pantera

Recently, Disturbed drummer Mike Wengren shared the stage with Pantera at Knotfest Australia. Now, he says he would replace the current Pantera drummer Charlie Benante for another gig.

In a recent interview with The Break Down With Nath & Johnny, Wengren was asked about the band he would consider playing on stage together. He named Pantera, shared his appreciation for Benante and said:

“Oh, I mean, honestly, if they told me, like, somebody took Charlie out tonight, I think I could step in. Actually, you know what? Let me make sure I clarify this. All respect to Charlie, ’cause he’s killin it, man.”

He then explained Benante’s ability to sound so much like Vinnie Paul and added why he thinks he can pull the gig off:

“He is doing everything in his power to make it sound like Vinnie is up there. There’s nobody in the world that could actually do that. Charlie was so, so close with the [Abbott] brothers, and it’s awesome. So, let me make sure I say that first. ‘Cause all those guys are my bros. I’m just saying as a huge Pantera fan, I think I know most of the songs in the back of my head already. I can probably pull it off. I got probably 80 percent of [the set down already].”

Who Else Could Be The New Pantera Drummer?

Benante might have replaced Vinnie Paul, but are there any other drummers that can replace Benante? Well, a drummer was asked about this during an interview.

Dream Theater drummer Mike Portnoy was asked if his name was ever in the discussion for the drum spot. Portnoy shared his admiration for Benante and revealed whether or not he was mentioned:

“You’d have to ask those guys; I have no idea. Obviously, I would have done it in a heartbeat of ass, but Charlie is absolutely the right guy for the gig. He’s doing a great, great job, and I don’t think it was ever my gig to be had; it was always Charlie’s, as far as I’m concerned.”

Although he wasn’t named during the talks, the rocker earlier played with the original Pantera members, Rex Brown and Phil Anselmo. So, Portnoy was not upset that he wasn’t among the names for the gig:

“I’ve already had the fun and the honor of getting to jam with those guys, and that was enough for me. Charlie’s doing it right, and I’m happy for him.”

You can watch the recent interview below.