Dirty Honey’s Marc LaBelle Says He Initially Hated Machine Gun Kelly

Dirty Honey singer Marc LaBelle recently joined in an interview with Metal Edge and revealed that he hated Machine Gun Kelly at first.

Rock music, which emerged as rock and roll in the ’40s and ’50s, passed through countless processes evolving into many different styles, and has survived to this day. Even though the genre enjoyed mainstream success until the ’90s, it started losing its popularity later on.

Although rock music is still a considerable genre in the music scene, the number of hip hop and rap singers has increased. On the other hand, musicians like Machine Gun Kelly, who combines rap and rock elements in his sound variably, have been trying to continue both genres’ presence in the music industry.

However, as he explained, Marc LaBelle had a hard time accepting MGK as a rock musician at first because he was not familiar with his music. In a recent interview, LaBelle revealed that he initially hated MGK when he said he also wanted to make rap besides rock. According to his first impression, he was not a part of alternative rock as a rapper.

Marc LaBelle said the following when asked what he thought of those who embrace rock but do not play it:

“The thing that comes to mind for me when you say that is the recent success of Machine Gun Kelly in the alternative-rock sphere, being a rapper. I kind of hated on him before, and then I heard him on Howard Stern talking, ‘This is what I did forever. I love this thing too.’ I’m not familiar with the music too much, but initially, I was like, ‘F*ck you, man.’ You can’t just come into my space, you know.”

In the previous months, Machine Gun Kelly expressed his willingness to focus more on hip-hop music in the upcoming period. He said he had done much work for pop-punk with his latest creations and wanted to make a rap album in the following period.