Thin Lizzy’s Scott Gorham Says Golf Saved His Life

Thin Lizzy guitarist Scott Gorham was interviewed by Louder Sound, during which he opened up about his drug addiction problem that he struggled with years ago. Gorham also emphasized that playing golf helped him while he was trying to battle his addictions.

During the ’70s and ’80s, some Thin Lizzy members became more and more addicted to heroin until they realized that they couldn’t live like that. Their bad habits prevented them from performing successfully during their concerts, although they were once known for their unforgettable and remarkable live performances. Their fans were very sad and disappointed about it.

The band’s guitarist Gorham admitted that he wanted to get off the stage as soon as possible because both he and former Thin Lizzy frontman Phill Lynott were feeling terrible. Their health was worsening due to their heroin addiction which affected them both physically and mentally. Fortunately, Gorham managed to quit heroin and decided to get sober shortly after understanding that he could lose everything he had achieved so far.

However, the Thin Lizzy guitarist stated that he went through difficult times while getting rid of his drug addiction. Therefore, he wanted to find a new hobby to change his focus, and he remembered when he smashed golf balls to have fun. Then, he started to play golf, and his new interest helped him concentrate on a different thing. He liked playing golf so much that he wanted to do it every day to feel better.

Gorham stated in his interview that:

Golf saved my ass. When I finally tried to kick heroin, the guy staying with me to guard me could see how bored and irritable I was getting, so he said, ‘As a kid, did you have any hobbies?’ I said, ‘Well, I used to go to a driving range and smash golf balls,’ and he said, ‘OK, let’s go do that.’

I remember concentrating so hard on hitting this stupid little white ball, and for a couple of hours, it made me forget all the shit I was going through. I went out again the next day, then got my own set of clubs, and never looked back.”

Thin Lizzy guitarist Scott Gorham’s fans, who are struggling with addiction right now, can take the guitarist as an example. They can attempt to quit alcohol or drugs with some professional help and try to shift their attention to a new activity or hobby.