Dino Cazares Explains Fear Factory’s Critical Mistake

Guitarist Dino Cazares opened up about Fear Factory’s genre shifts, and mentioned although the band benefited off of it, it also caused some problems for them:

“The good thing is that we could branch out and play with a bunch of different bands. That was good. But the bad thing is that we never belonged to one genre. We kind of had our foot in the door in all these different genres, and in some ways I almost felt like it hurt us ’cause we weren’t just one thing.”

Dino also mentioned that because Fear Factory was in-between genres, it deprived them of certain genres’ revival:

“‘Cause right now there’s like a resurgence of death metal, a resurgence of nu metal, but there’s no resurgence of [the kind of] metal we do. So it’s kind of weird that we’re not part of the resurgence of death metal or nu metal because we weren’t just those type of things.”

Cazares emphasised the fact that Fear Factory didn’t have a clean-cut genre:

“I’m just saying that we were a part of all of it in a way — like I said, we had our foot in door in all those different genres, but we didn’t particularly fit into one genre. And that to me could have been part of the reason why we’re not part of a resurgence of certain genres.”

In June, Fear Factory released a new and improved version of their 2012 album ‘The Industrialitst,’ titled ‘Re-Industrialized.’ The reviews for the album were mostly about the original songs missed some certain elements, and although some fans criticised the remake decision, ‘Re-Industrialized’ hit the marks as the transformed version of ‘The Industrialist.’ Also, Fear Factory is headlining for the Metal Injection Festival, and will go on tour this Fall. You can check the tour dates and tickets here. You can listen to the whole album below.