Alex Lifeson On Playing With Geddy Again: ‘We Are A Mediocre Rush Tribute Band Now’

Alex Lifeson believes that he and Geddy Lee sound like an inferior version of a Rush tribute band.

The guitarist recently sat down with Ultimate Classic Rock for an interview and revealed they started to play Rush songs again:

“We decided that we would play some Rush songs. Because, you know, we haven’t played these songs in 10 years. We started that a couple of weeks ago. We get together one day a week over at his place. We just picked some Rush songs and we started playing them and we sound like a really, really bad Rush tribute band.”

Most Difficult Rush Song For Lifeson

Lifeson said some Rush songs were hard to play in the beginning but practice made it okay after a few tries. He and Lee are having a great time jamming together, but they have no plans for a comeback tour or finding new band members. The musician also replied to a question about the most challenging Rush song to play:

“‘Freewill.’ There’s a lot of notes [laughs]. The solo is crazy, the middle bass section is crazy and everything has to fit in at the right place. So that’s been a real challenge to play. But we’re getting there. We’re starting to sound like just a mediocre Rush tribute band now.”

Alex Doesn’t Intend To Tour Again

Last month, the rocker joined a chat with Guitar World and talked about a possible Rush reunion. He explained that the way they ended the band for Neil Peart was not satisfying for many fans. Still, he is not interested in a tour:

“I mean, we toured for 40 years. I’m not interested in going back out on tour. I don’t wanna sit in a hotel room for hours and hours and hours to work for a couple of hours. Been there, done it, loved it. But that’s in the past. So whether Ged and I get back together again and write or do anything, we’ll see. Until then, there’s plenty to work on, you know?”

Lifeson is busy talking about his new Lerxst guitars, amps, and pedals. He’s also working on the second album for Envy of None. They have about 11 or 12 songs, with four almost finished. The guitarist is excited about the new music and thinks it sounds really good.