Dimebag Darrell And Vinnie Paul’s Father Passed Away At 80

Jerry Abbott, the father of Dimebag Darrell And Vinnie Paul passed away last night at a caregiving facility in Denton, Texas. He was just five days away from his 81st birthday. Jerry’s close friend Danny Wood Sr. confirmed his passing earlier today on social media. Wood expressed his sadness and announced that a private funeral for family and close friends will be held. He wrote:

“I’m very sad to tell everyone of the passing of a close friend Jerry Abbott. He died last night in a Denton care giving facility. His Family is having a private Funeral for Family and close Friends with a Memorial Service being planned. Details soon.”

The Family Had ‘Very Little’ Contact

Ten years after Dimebag’s passing, Jerry published a book called ‘Over My Left Shoulder: The Life And Times Of Jerry Abbott’ through CreateSpace.

In his book, Jerry talked about Pantera’s split. He admitted that he had ‘very little contact’ with his sons, from the time the band started their world tour for ‘Cowboys From Hell’ until they began recording ‘Far Beyond Driven.’ He added:

“Too much success can breed failure and often does. I think that’s an accurate assessment of what happened to Pantera. It’s like a marriage that’s just too good to believe, and the next thing you know it’s on the rocks. What happened? Who knows? People grow apart. People have different ideas. People develop physical or mental problems. Booze and drugs don’t help the situation, and one unhappy camper can spoil the whole bunch.”

You can see the post below.