Devin Townsend Doesn’t Blame Steve Vai For Feeling Dissatisfied

In a recent chat with the ‘Monsters, Madness, and Magic’ podcast, Devin Townsend delved into the early years of his music career, reflecting on his ’90s collaboration with Steve Vai. He touched on his dissatisfaction with the release of Vai’s ‘Sex & Religion’ and its supporting tour:

“Well, to clarify it, it had very little to do with Steve. He’s offered me an incredible opportunity; it changed my life and has set me up in a scenario here where we’re talking today. So before I answer that further, it’s important that that’s a foregone conclusion there.”

The singer revealed his point and added:

“But I wasn’t happy because since the very beginning — well, at least since I started putting together my own musical thoughts — I had always perceived the nature of music to be rooted in something beyond people, divine in a way.”

Vai had selected Townsend to be the vocalist for the 1992 track ‘Here & Now,’ and they remained friends for years after the collaboration. Still, according to the Strapping Young Lad vocalist’s words, the two had different visions when it came to music.

That’s why, while talking about the track at the 2022 Hellfest press conference, he told the audience:

“I didn’t like that song, but I love Steve. And if he wants me to do something with him, I’ll do something with him. He’s a genius, and I love him. I love that guy. But also, I think a lot of what made that record interesting yet very odd was that we’re very different. And back then, we were different. Now we’re less different, but we’re still very different. And the Starmus Festival was great to reconnect, but we’re still very different.”

You can read Devin Townsend’s full interview here.