Devin Townsend Admits He Didn’t Like The Song He Recorded With Steve Vai


Strapping Young Lad founder Devid Townsend recently opened up about his collaboration with Steve Vai, which came out almost three decades ago. The musician admitted during the conversation that he didn’t like their song.

Steve Vai has been a prominent guitarist since 1978, but, unlike many other guitarists, he is a very individualistic player and haunt committed himself to bands. However, he worked with many of them, including Alcatrazz, Whitesnake, and names like David Lee Roth. He still is one of the most influential figures in the rock world.

In 1993, Vai was recording the album ‘Sex & Religion,’ and he needed a singer to sing for the song ‘Here & Now.’ His record label informed Devin Townsend that Steve Vai needed a vocalist to take the duties. Though he accepted the offer, the experience wasn’t that good for the singer. He recently stated that he didn’t like the song at all.

Moreover, the singer stated that if Steve wanted to do something new with him, he wouldn’t say no, but that song was very different. Nevertheless, he would still work with him and do anything he wants because he loves the guitarist and is friends with him.

Here are Townsend’s words about Vai:

I didn’t like that song, but I love Steve. And if he wants me to do something with him, I’ll do something with him. He’s a genius, and I love him. I love that guy. But also, I think a lot of what made that record interesting yet very odd was that we’re very different. And back then, we were different. Now we’re less different, but we’re still very different. And the Starmus Festival was great to reconnect, but we’re still very different.

And I may be wrong, but I think our reasons for doing what we do are fundamentally slightly different, and it’s always a little chocolate and cheese, you know? But among the people I count as being closest to my heart, he is one of the very few. And as a friend, I would be happy to do anything that he would ask of me because I love him. It’s true.”

You can watch the interview and listen to the song below.