Deryck Whibley Says Sum 41’s 2022 Album Is Almost Finished

Sum 41 lead vocalist Deryck Whibley recently spoke to James Wilson-Taylor of Rock Sound and revealed that the band’s new album is 85% done.

Formed in 1996, Sum 41 gained commercial success by releasing their 2001 debut studio album, ‘All Killer No Filler.’ The album includes the band’s most successful single to date, ‘Fat Lip.’ In the later years of their music career, the group released six more studio albums and solidified their position in the industry. The band’s latest album, ‘Order in Decline,’ arrived on July 19, 2019.

It has been three years that their fans have been waiting for new material from Sum 41. The band didn’t make their fans wait any longer and confirmed a few months ago that they recorded a new double album called ‘Heaven and Hell.’ The record is split into two parts, a pop-punk side on ‘Heaven’ and a metal side in ‘Hell.’ The upcoming album doesn’t currently have a release date.

During a new interview, the interviewer asked Deryck Whibley at what stage they are in the making process of their new double album. The singer explained that they had taken a break since their tour had just ended. However, he confirmed that the forthcoming album is 85% finished. They need to handle a few vocals and some guitar parts. Then, the album will be totally complete in a very short time and finally meet the fans.

When asked about how the process of the album went, Deryck Whibley replied:

“We had to take a break because came out on tour, but there are a few vocals and some guitar parts left, but I want to say the album is like 85% done. We just got to finish up a couple of things.”

You can watch the rest of the conversation below.