Deryck Whibley: No Difference Between Punk And Metallica’s ‘Kill ‘Em All’

Sum 41’s Deryck Whibley sat down with Guitar, talked about his band’s latest album ‘Heaven :x: Hell’ and discussed the album’s sound that they have in their older albums.

When asked what ties their earlier sound with more of a heavy sound together, Deryck says it’s their energy and aggression. He then resembled it to Metallica’s debut ‘Kill ‘Em All’ and said:

“I don’t see much difference in some of the stuff on ‘Kill ‘Em All’ to some punk stuff that came out at the same time. I’m a pretty calm, quiet, shy person but there’s a part of me that loves aggressive, hard, loud, fast music even though that person doesn’t come out of me externally.”

He added his thoughts about heavy metal as a guitarist:

“As a guitar player, heavy metal is one of the most fun ventures into music because it’s almost like your forearms have to be the forearms of an athlete but the rest of you can be a total piece of sh*t!”

‘Metallica Is The Beatles Of Metal’

Whibley’s admiration for Metallica doesn’t end here. The singer has mentioned the band’s name during many other interviews and shared his love for the band. However, during one interview, the rocker resembled Metallica to The Beatles. He explained in what way the two bands are similar to each other for him:

“Metallica, they have such great melodies even though they are tough. They are heavy but they are like The Beatles of metal. They write really catchy songs.”

You can hear the band’s latest album down below.