Def Leppard’s Vivian Campbell Names The Most Charismatic Rock Star Ever


During a recent interview with Let There Be Talk with Dean Delray, Def Leppard’s Vivian Campbell stated that Thin Lizzy frontman Phil Lynott is the most charismatic rock star ever for him.

It is a publicly known fact that Thin Lizzy is one of Vivian Campbell’s all-time favorite bands. Campbell is an early member of the band, Sweet Savage, formed in 1979. The band started to make their names heard especially playing as the supporting act with many notable names like Ozzy Osbourne, Motörhead, and Wishbone Ash.

Around this time, Campbell had a chance to spend time with his heroes when they played for Thin Lizzy on their ‘Renegade’ tour in support of the album with the same name. During a recent conversation, the guitarist shared his memories of the band’s original bassist and lead vocalist, Phil Lynott, whom he had found the opportunity to meet during the tour.

Vivian Campbell explained that he has been in the industry for decades now. Thus, he naturally met a lot of celebrities he admired and must have had seen artists many people consider to be unique and charismatic. However, Campbell revealed that he’s never met some other rock star who had the unique charisma of Phil Lynott.

Moreover, Campbell highlighted that Lynott was such a remarkable frontman that it was almost impossible not to look at him when he entered a room. For Campbell, Lynott was a handsome star who also had a fashion style fitting for an icon. He had this extraordinary charisma and energy that no one could ignore if you ask Def Leppard’s guitarist.

Vivian Campbell’s words on Phil Lynott:

“At this stage of my life, I’ve been in the industry for decades; I’ve never met so many rockstars, celebrities whatever. I’ve never met anyone that had the charisma of Phil Lynott. Phil would walk into a room, any room, anywhere, and everyone would stare at him. He was tall, and he was striking-looking. He dressed like a rockstar, and he oozed rockstar. He was just magnetic, and when he was running around on stage, you couldn’t take your eyes off him. He was the show with Lizzy. He had this intense charisma that you just couldn’t ignore.”

You can listen to the entire conversation below.