GTA VI Announced With Rock Music: What Does It Mean For Rock Fans And Gamers?

The long-awaited moment has finally arrived, and Rockstar Games’ legendary game series, GTA, announced its new game today with a new trailer. This is clearly a piece of gaming news, yes, I am aware, but I assure you that there are a few elements added to the game that we rock music lovers can appreciate.

Let’s start with the strongest card in our hand: the trailer was released today, and the music chosen for the trailer is Tom Petty’s ‘Love Is A Long Road.’ As a rock music listener, of course, I really liked this, and I am sure you will too.

When we look at the first trailers of past GTA games, the chosen music has always been from different genres or are special tracks for the game. The use of a distinctly rock song for the first time is exciting in terms of expectations it creates for us.

The game is expected to be released in 2025. Of course, there are concerns related to Rockstar Games’ past delays and somewhat weak public relations. Therefore, the possibility of the game being pushed to 2026 is also on the table.

What Should Rock Music Fans Expect From GTA VI?

Rockstar Games’ affinity for rock music is well known, as evident even from the name. However, in the last released game, GTA V, the in-game music and style had shifted towards hip-hop; in this game, the direct inclusion of rock music in the first trailer seems to indicate a gameplay style that the rock crowd will enjoy.

We probably all remember the legendary game of the series, Vice City, which had a radio station that only played rock music, a defining and distinctive feature of the game. Judging from the first trailer, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that GTA VI will also take place in Vice City. Therefore, to touch upon the city’s atmosphere and the nostalgic silhouette in our minds, rock could play a significant role in the game.

Another detail we observed in the trailer is a scene where people are partying, and in this party, a woman is making the ‘devil horns’ hand gesture. I think we all know what that symbolizes, don’t we… =)

As we can all probably agree, rock music has lost its mainstream appeal. Therefore, the central placement of rock music in such major productions can be seen as a reason for our hopes to remain alive.