Dee Snider Sends A Warning To Rock Hall On Being Too Late To Honor Rock Legends

Twisted Sister singer Dee Snider is upset with Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame for waiting for too long to induct legendary rockers.

Snider took to X to share his disappointment with the Rock Hall Of Fame. The rocker mentioned MC5 and the last living member of the band, Dennis Thompson. Thompson, the band’s drummer, passed away just two days ago. Snider wrote:

“DEAR RNR HALL OF FAME… There are bands who you know are going to eventually be inducted because of their huge influence. How about not waiting until the entire band is dead? The MC5 are being inducted next month. The last living member died yesterday. RIP MC5.”

A user shared their thoughts on the late MC5 guitarist Wayne Kramer:

“Wayne Kramer stood on a stage like a strutting rock god, and he was what? 20? F*cking legends. All of them.”

Snider said in response:

“I had the honor to finally hang with Wayne a few years ago. It’s a damn sin that the Rock Hall Of Fame waited so long to induct MC5. RIP ENTIRE MC5 BAND!”

Snider’s Earlier Comments On Rock Hall Of Fame

Snider has been open about slamming the Rock Hall earlier as well. In 2021, he criticized the organization for not giving enough recognition to hard rock and metal bands. He wrote on X:

“The RnR Hall committee members are arrogant elitist assholes who look down on metal & other bands that sell millions because we’re not their definition of cool. The fan vote is their ‘throwing a bone’ to the peasants. I want to say FU, but I want them to have to deal with us!”

The singer once again referred to the organization as elitists during an interview. This time, he explained in detail why:

“These are the people who are the panel, the voting panel of the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. So these old mothereffers are picking the stuff that they grew up with – they’re old. Of course they’re picking… And the minute they go and die – the sooner, the better, guys and girls; the sooner, the better – and they bring in some contemporary people… Again, they’ll either vote to change their name or they’ll just start acknowledging bands…”

He added:

“For me, sales do matter. Being beloved does matter. The amount of fans you have does matter. And they threw us a bone when they had the fans’ choice. This way they can say, ‘We didn’t pick Kiss. We didn’t pick Judas Priest.’ They’re elitist mothereffers.”

You can see Snider’s recent comments about the Rock Hall Of Fame below.