Dee Snider Says The Record Company Openly Robbed Twisted Sister


Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider revealed how they were robbed by the record company that released ‘Stay Hungry,’ with a new post on his official Twitter account.

‘Stay Hungry’ is Twisted Sister’s third studio album, released back in 1984 through Atlantic Records. The record featured two of their most famous songs, ‘We’re Not Gonna Take It’ and ‘I Wanna Rock.’ The album sold over three million in the United States, making it the most successful and famous record of Twisted Sister.

Even though it was the best record Twisted Sister ever released, Dee Snider unveiled that they didn’t receive any payment from this record until 1997, which was ten years after Twisted Sister broke up. While Dee said that the company actually robbed them, he also pointed out that they didn’t do anything illegal as the main problem was Twisted Sister’s deal.

As Dee said, they only had 8% of the record sales profits. Furthermore, Dee pointed out that the record companies would only profit from the album sales back in the day. However, they are now making bands sign 360 agreements to ‘take a piece of every aspect of the band’s career,’ such as merch, publishing, and more.

Dee Snider on how record company robbed Twisted Sister:

Actually it was the record company that openly robbed us blind. We didn’t receive a penny of royalties for over 5 million copies of Stay Hungry sold until 1997. That’s 10 years after Twisted Sister broke up! A few years later Napster happened and you know the rest.

They weren’t doing anything technically illegal. Our shit deal gave us only 8% of the profit (not uncommon) & everything was recoupable out of our end: tour support, recording, video, etc. Bands are so in the red by the time they break, they can’t sell enough to pay it back.

Now people barely buy records anymore so there’s no royalties for the record companies to keep. The record companies sign bands to 360 deals meaning they take a piece of every aspect of the bands career (live, merch, records, publishing, etc.) Before is was just record sales.”

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