Dee Snider Says He Threw Up In His Mouth When He Saw The Grammy Nominees

Dee Snider posted a tweet to comment on the recently announced 2022 Grammy Awards nominations list. In his tweet, Dee said he threw up a little when he saw the nominees.

As you know, rock and metal music now receive the least respect in the mainstream media according to most of the musicians of the genre. Although they were respected and celebrated genres in the past, it seems that television shows and music awards nearly stopped giving a platform for rock and metal music.

Recently, the full list of nominations for the 64th Grammy Awards has been revealed. Among the other nominees, the R&B musician Jon Batiste holds the most nominations with the total of 11 nominations. Moreover, there are other chart-topping musicians like Justin Bieber, Billie Eilish, Olivia Rodrigo, Doja Cat among the nominees. 

Upon seeing the recently-announced Grammy nominees, one of Dee Snider’s fans sent him a tweet to ask his opinions about the nominees. In the tweet, the fan stated that they won’t be watching the show, and added that everyone knows a metal or rock band won’t be seen on-air even if they win any awards.

Following that, the fan stated that there are too many pop and rap artists that are nominated, and most of them are nominated in both categories. Upon seeing this tweet, Dee Snider responded by saying that he threw up a little bit in his mouth when he saw the announcement.

Dee Snider’s follower told him in a tweet that:

“Did you see the nominees for the Grammy awards show? Horrible. Won’t be watching that show. We all know no matter what metal or rock band wins, they won’t be seen on air. Too many pop and rap artists nominated and most of them are in both categories? Unreal.”

Dee Snider then responded:

“I threw up in my mouth a little.

You can check out the tweets below.