Dee Snider Says He Prefers To Stand With The ‘Douches Of Rock’ Like Gene Simmons

Twisted Sister icon Dee Snider recently posted a tweet, admitting he would rather hang out with the ‘douches in rock,’ such as Gene Simmons, than those who support Donald Trump.

Dee Snider uses his social media not only to promote his music but also to reveal his thoughts on the current political environment in the US. Although some of his fans tell him to stop dealing with politics, Snider never hesitates to show his sincere thoughts about current issues.

Another musician who received criticism from the fans for involving in political matters is Gene Simmons. In his Twitter posts, when Simmons revealed his stance about voter fraud in the 2020 election, Snider posted a tweet to support the musician. In his tweet, Snider described Simmons as ‘a brave rocker standing up for truth.’

After the leaked draft opinion arguing the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision on abortions was wrong, many musicians supported women’s right to choose, including Rage Against The Machine and Hayley Williams. Recently, the US supreme court abolished the constitutional right to abortion and let individual states decide. Then, Utah, Ohio, Alabama, and Arkansas banned abortions.

After realizing this would lead to abortion bans in about half of the states, Snider took to his Twitter to warn his followers and urge them to vote for any candidate who doesn’t endorse Trump. After that, one of his followers called him the second biggest douche in rock music after Gene Simmons. Snider then said he prefers hanging out with the douches if Ted Nugent and Kid Rock aren’t douches.

Dee Snider’s tweet read:

“So, true majority, have you had enough from the bullying minority yet? The solution is simple: vote for any candidate who does not support or endorse Trump. No matter what they stand for if they don’t support Trump, vote for them. The rest will take care of itself.”

One of his followers then replied:

“That is from the second biggest douche in rock. Gene Simmons is the first, of course.”

Upon seeing this, Snider said:

“Can I assume you think that Ted Nugent and Kid Rock are not douches? Then I’ll hang with the douches, thank you very much.”

You can check out the tweets below.