Hayley Williams Says She’s Concerned About Abortion Ban As A Woman From The South

Paramore singer Hayley Williams recently took to her Instagram to reveal her thoughts about the abortion ban. Highlighting that she is a woman from the South, Williams expressed her concerns.

Recently, a leaked opinion from the court that would allow states to enact complete bans on abortion was revealed. Anti-abortion advocates in Idaho support this decision, while many women want to be free to choose when to be a parent.

In October 2021, Hayley Williams announced that she would deactivate her social media accounts. She then deleted all of her Instagram posts and halted her Twitter. Recently, Williams returned to using her Instagram account and posted some of her pictures after a long time. In her fourth Instagram post, the singer decided to touch upon the abortion ban.

In the post, Williams stated that the abortion ban hinders women from a fundamental human right, getting reproductive healthcare. Born and raised in Mississippi, Williams added that she is especially concerned because a ban would be guaranteed in the South if given a chance.

Hayley Williams’ Instagram post read:

“An abortion ban would allow states to strip women of what is a basic human right to reproductive healthcare. I am especially concerned as a woman from the South, where given the option, a ban would almost certainly be guaranteed.

For folks in MS, you can find more information and resources from the Mississippi Reproductive Freedom Fund. For the rest of my Southern friends and family in the Southeastern states (including MS), there’s Arc Southeast, a reproductive justice organization.

For more info, resources, and guidance, head to Planned Parenthood’s website. Thanks for reading.”

Below, you can check out the picture Hayley Williams included in her IG post.

Photo Credit: Hayley Williams – Instagram