Dee Snider Says He Doesn’t Hate Fleetwood Mac Anymore Thanks To Stevie Nicks

Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider revealed in a recent Twitter post that he didn’t like Fleetwood Mac’s music until he spent a delightful time with the band’s lead singer Stevie Nicks.

In 2016, Twisted Sister ended its performing career on the 40th anniversary of its classic lineup after playing their final concert in Monterrey in November 2016. Later, Dee Snider stated several times on his official Twitter account that he didn’t intend to tour, record, or do any shows, although the fans expect him to. Instead, the singer said he wanted to focus on writing, producing, and directing.

Besides his other occupations keeping him in the spotlight, Dee Snider has never broken ties with the fans. He has constantly interacted with them, especially on Twitter, and answered their questions on various matters. Recently, he had a discussion with them about whether people should take into consideration the character of the artist to enjoy their work.

A Twitter user said she is more eager to listen to artists with good character. Then, Snider chimed in and replied to her by saying that he understood what she meant. He exemplified his stance by referring to Fleetwood Mac, whose music he didn’t like until he met and spent a lovely time with Stevie Nicks. Since then, he has been a big fan of the band’s music, even to the point that he can’t skip them whenever he hears the band on the radio.

A Twitter user’s words to Dee Snider:

“I must admit, I have a harder time digging the music if the artist turns out to be a tool and dig the music even more if the artists are good people – like you!”

Dee Snider replied:

“I hear that. I hated Fleetwood Mac until I spent a lovely afternoon with Stevie Nicks. Since then, I have trouble changing the station when ‘Don’t Stop Thinking About Tomorrow’ comes on!”

You can check out the tweets below.