Dee Snider Reflects On The Sacrifices He Made For Twisted Sister

Dee Snider recently misunderstood a fan’s question considering his tenure with Twisted Sister and revealed that he needed to make several sacrifices in order to be a member of the band.

The successful vocalist started climbing the ladder of fame in the ’80s after becoming Twisted Sister’s frontman in ’76. The band was one of the most popular acts of their era, and they achieved worldwide recognition following their hit record ‘Stay Hungry’ in 1984. However, only three years later, Snider surprised their fans after he announced that he would quit the band and pursue a solo career.

Although the band’s career ended rather abruptly, Twisted Sister reunited on several occasions, and they gave their last performance on November 12, 2016, in Monterrey, a year after their bandmate A.J. Pero’s passing. The remaining band members have kept in touch, and Jay Jay French has often praised Dee Snider’s vocal capabilities and dedication to his craft.

The musician has continued his career both as a solo musician and by contributing to other projects. Recently, he also established a new coffee brand that has been praised by some and criticized by others since several rockstars have created their alcohol and coffee brands in the last few years.

Recently, a fan used a fun wordplay to ask for the price of Snider’s new product. They used the well-known Twisted Sister song ‘The Price‘ while commenting under the rocker’s tweet concerning his new product. However, it seems like Snider misunderstood the joke and perceived it as a ‘sell-out’ criticism.

Thus, he responded to the fan’s tweet by stressing that he did pay a price to be in Twisted Sister. Dee revealed the meaning behind ‘The Price’s lyrics by saying it explores the concept of sacrificing your dreams and life for a purpose. He then used his own life as an example and said that he spent his most productive years with Twisted Sister and called it a ‘lot of life to sacrifice.’

A fan asked:

“So what’s ‘The Price?’ Sorry just got through listening to ‘Stay Hungry.'”

To which Dee Snider responded:

“It’s the sacrifice of your life for your dreams. ‘Time seems to have frozen, but the mind can be fooled.’ I joined Twisted Sister when I was 20 years old. I was 30 when the band broke. That’s a lot of life to sacrifice.”

Check out the tweets and have a listen to ‘The Price’ below.