Dee Snider Recalls Twisted Sister Encouraging Metallica To Upstage Them

Today’s music climate is a different story, but back in the day, Metallica were just four young musicians who wanted to make it in the industry. They went on tour with Twisted Sister while climbing to the top in the ’80s. Dee Snider recently tweeted about offering the band a closing shot in one of their shows in Europe.

Twisted Sister and Metallica were in Ireland together, touring Europe, and Snider realized that a tour poster with the Metallica logo was much larger than Twisted Sister’s, so the frontman decided to roll with the punches and offered the Four Horsemen to close the show.

Snider had realized by that point that the fans were there to hear Metallica, and it wouldn’t make sense for them to go after it as no one would stick around to listen to them play. So Metallica did close the show that day, and Snider got the chance to join Metallica for their famous chant.

Dee Snider’s tweet about letting Metallica close the show:

“The funny thing is Twisted Sister were the headliners on that tour. When we pulled into town and saw that poster, I told Metallica, ‘You guys are closing tonight. These fans are here to see you!’ On the upside, I got to join the band on stage for their ‘Metal up your a**’ chant.”

Even though the Metallica members initially said no to Snider’s offer, thinking it was a prank, the frontman was serious about his decision, so he convinced them to close the show. Dee Snider realized that Europe vibed with the heavier stuff on a different level, and Metallica closing Twisted Sister’s headlining show in Ireland was the right move.