Robert Plant Says He Had A Lot In Common With Rod Stewart

Led Zeppelin’s Robert Plant recently made an appearance on BBC Radio 2’s Ken Bruce Show for an interview. During the conversation, the musician addresses the common features he and Rod Stewart had.

Formed in 1968, Led Zeppelin began their musical career after being known as the New Yardbirds. They then began to achieve popularity in America in the mid to late 1960s, after signing a deal with Atlantic Records. Rod Stewart, on the other hand, began his music career in 1962 and worked with several music acts before joining Jeff Beck Group in 1967.

Before forming the Jeff Beck Group, Jeff Beck was making musical efforts with the Yardbirds along with Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page. Following his departure from the band, Yardbirds became Led Zeppelin. As for Beck, he continued his music career under the ‘Jeff Beck Group’ with Rod Stewart and Ronnie Wood.

Rod Stewart’s tenure in Jeff Beck Group became a breakthrough for his early career. They toured Western Europe in spring 1968, recorded, and went on a tour in the U.S. starting in June 1968. Following the tour, Jeff Back Group went back to England and released their debut album ‘Truth’ on July 29, 1968.

In the interview on Ken Bruce Show, Robert Plant cited Jeff Beck Group’s ‘I Ain’t Superstitious’ from their debut album ‘Truth’ among the tracks of his years and recalled those days. He then talked about the time he and John Bonham encountered Rod Stewart when they first joined the Yardbirds.

Plant said that he and Rod Stewart have a lot in common as they were both fronting successful bands ‘with these excellent musicians behind them.’ He then recalled he and Bonham went to the management office at the time when they first joined the Yardbirds, and they came across Stewart in the reception. After complimenting the musician’s outlook, he recalled that Bonham asked him if they will ever be like Stewart.

Robert Plant said about Rod Stewart the following:

“Rod and I had a lot in common at that time. We were at the front of groups with these excellent musicians behind us. I guess we were living the life. I remember John Bonham and I went to the management office when we first joined the Yardbirds which became the Led Zeppelin.

We saw Rod Stewart in the reception, and he was like a tanned Adonis with his see-through shirt and hairs sticking up about maybe 18 inches off the top of his head. It was remarkable. And Bonham said to me ‘Do you think we’ll ever be like that?’ I’m still waiting for that day.”

You can listen to the full interview below.