Dee Snider Recalls Getting Arrested For Profanity During Twisted Sister Show

With two new posts on Twitter, Dee Snider recalled the hardships Twisted Sister went through in the 80s and mentioned how things changed in the past years while still referring to the hypocrisy of politicians. In his tweets, he covered the adverse reactions the band received from Republican politicians in the past.

Although Twisted Sister’s ‘We’re Not Gonna Take It’ has been controversial since its release in 1984, many politicians, especially Republicans like Ryan Paul and Donald Trump, have used or attempted to use it for their campaigns. While he supports its use by the ones fighting for their rights, there have been times Dee Snider refrained from allowing the oppressors to take advantage of the song and the Republicans to spread their ideas through it as he disagreed with them. Still, this did not stop people from using the song as an anthem for their ideals.

On the other hand, the demand for the song was not this widespread in the 80s when the rock singer was in a battle with The Parents Music Resource Center for Twisted Sister and other rock/metal musicians’ rights. In those times, ‘We’re Not Gonna Take It’ became the object of many accusations along with the band, whose style was regarded as ‘satanic.’

Snider referred to this kind of case with a recent tweet, answering a fan who claimed Twisted Sister would be banned from performing if the Republicans were in charge in the 80s. He stated that he was ‘arrested for profanity on stage in Amarillo’ while some of their concerts were canceled around that time and highlighted the significant change that happened in the last 40 years in Texas.

His tweet about the issue read:

“Well, in the mid-80s, I was arrested for profanity on stage in Amarillo, and a number of Twisted Sister concerts were canceled… See how far the state of Texas has come in 40 years?”

The Republicans want to use ‘We’re Not Gonna Take It’ for their campaigns now, as another Twitter user claimed it; however, Snider still remembers their attitude toward him and his song. The singer emphasized the claims made by the Republicans about him and his song to imply the change in their tones and how they were apprehensive about his music.

In their tweet referring to the Republicans, the user stated:

“And yet they want to use ‘We’re Not Going to Take It’ as a song for their campaigns.”

While to express his point, Snider wrote:

“Written and sung by a ‘g-damn f*ggot!’ (their words, not mine).”

Republican politicians gave Twisted Sister and Dee Snider a hard time in the past because of their styles, to the point of getting them arrested on stage in the mid-80s. Although the change of demeanor towards the band and metal music is remarkable, neither the fans nor the musician can help but mention the hypocrisy and the struggles.