Dee Snider Reacts To His Viral Taylor Swift Comparison

Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider recently embraced a humorous comparison to pop superstar Taylor Swift in a playful social media post on X.

Snider reposted a meme under the popular ‘gonna tell my kids’ trend, which featured him on stage with the caption: ‘I’m gonna tell my grandkids this is Taylor Swift.’ Showing his appreciation for the joke, Snider commented:

“I endorse this message…”

Fans React With Love And Humor

The post quickly garnered attention, receiving numerous likes and comments from fans. A fan made a suggestion to the singer, referring to the fandom of Swift named Swifties:

“Can we call your followers the Snideys?”

Another fan had a request from Dee, as they wrote:

“Dee should do a Taylor cover.”

One other person said, expressing their amusement and appreciation for his humor:

“And this is why we love you, Dee.”

Snider’s Bold Preference For Metal

Amidst the lighthearted banter surrounding Snider’s viral meme comparison to Swift, a similar vein of humor was evident in an exchange involving Anthrax frontman Joey Belladonna. In October 2023, Belladonna took to his X account to announce his participation in a Denver event, hinting at Swift’s possible attendance.

Snider’s subsequent response to Belladonna, while distinctly more pointed in its preference for heavy metal over pop, was as follows:

“F*ck Taylor Swift! Give me heavy metal any day! Tear it up, Joey!”

While the rocker’s playful endorsement of the Taylor meme was well-received, his more pointed comment on Belladonna’s post drew mixed reactions. Some fans felt that his criticism of Swift was unnecessary, pointing out the importance of respecting artists across genres. However, these comments also sparked a conversation about personal preferences in music and the spirited nature of rock musicians.

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