Dee Snider On Copying Iron Maiden For Twisted Sister Hit

Recently speaking to VRP Rocks, Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider revealed how the band’s hit ‘I Wanna Rock’ from the 1984 ‘Stay Hungry’ album was inspired by Iron Maiden’s gallop and Slade’s anthemic style, blending these influences into a rock anthem.

According to the rocker, the conception of ‘I Wanna Rock’ took place in the early ’80s during the writing phase for the ‘Stay Hungry’ album. He explained:

“I got in my mind that — this is 1983, I’m writing for the ‘Stay Hungry’ album, or ’82, whatever, ’cause I always wrote it ahead of time — I got in my mind that if I could combine the Iron Maiden gallop with an anthem, with an anthemic sing-along song. And Slade is my inspiration when it comes to anthemic songs.”

Fusing The Maiden Gallop With Rock Anthem

Snider continued, recalling how he had sat down with the idea, experimenting with the Maiden gallop:

“But if I could combine that metallic [gallop] that Maiden [is so known for]. I remember with ‘I Wanna Rock’ sitting there doing the Maiden gallop, and all of a sudden, I just was off to the races. And I got to the end of that, and I stopped recording for a second to move on to the next song idea. And I go, ‘Well, I think that was pretty good.'”

From Concept To Album

Revealing how the song was later chosen for the album after a democratic selection process, he added:

“And then I’d keep moving. Later on, I’d go through maybe 25, 30 ideas that I had recorded in the 45 minutes and sift through. Now we’re down to 15, 20, and then the band, we’d demo those, and then the band would vote on which 10 they liked best — the band and the crew and management, everybody would vote. And ‘I Wanna Rock’ was in that batch.”

Shared Stages And Mutual Respect

Building on the theme of Iron Maiden’s influence, Snider’s connection with the band extends beyond musical inspiration to personal camaraderie. In a 2021 interview with Brave Words, he recalled Twisted Sister’s experience opening for Iron Maiden during the 1984 World Slavery Tour.

Despite their different approaches to music and performance, Snider highlighted the mutual respect and shared life stages that bonded them, such as marriage and parenting.

You can watch the entire conversation below.