Dee Snider Explains Why Motörhead And Lemmy Kilmister Were Underrated

In a recent interview with Louder Sound, Dee Snider talked about the songs which had a great influence on him. He also unveiled the reason why both Motörhead and the band’s frontman Lemmy Kilmister’s talent were so underrated.

Motörhead released their fourth studio album entitled ‘Ace of Spades’ on November 8, 1980. Lemmy Kilmister was on the vocals, and bass guitar, Eddie Clarke was on the lead guitar, Phil Taylor was on the drums, and Kim McAuliffe was on the rhythm guitar. It was listed as one of Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Albums of All Time. The album’s self-titled song became the most popular and milestone track of Motörhead.

During the recent interview he joined, Twisted Sister frontman was asked to name the most underrated band of all time. Known as one a close friend of the late singer Lemmy Kilmister, Snider stated that Motörhead was the most underrated band according to him. Dee also explained the reason behind his opinion by sharing the main problem of Motörhead of which Lemmy was also aware.

Dee Snider stated that while Motörhead was greatly appreciated and Kilmister was iconic, they were reduced to a song, ‘Ace of Spades.’ He also mentioned that Lemmy was aware of this problem which made him very frustrated. Dee stated that he wished people would know other songs of the band rather than only focusing on ‘Ace of Spades.’ He recalled the time Twisted Sister paid tribute to Motörhead by singing another iconic song of the band, ‘Born to Raise Hell.’

Dee Snider stated in the interview that:

“Wow. Besides my own? There’s a litany of these groups that deserve so much more respect and appreciation than they get. But in honor of my dear friend, I’ll go with Motorhead. While they’re greatly appreciated, and Lemmy was iconic, he was very frustrated that he was reduced to a song. And I don’t disagree with him. That’s why in Twisted Sister we paid tribute to him. Everybody else did ‘Ace Of Spades,’ we did ‘Born To Raise Hell.'”

You can listen to the song below.