Dee Snider Confirms He Had ‘Major Throat Problems’

Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider took his Twitter account to reply to one of his followers’ questions regarding his vocals. The musician said that he had ‘major throat problems’ while doing three shows a night and five nights a week in 1981.

When Twisted Sister was formed in the early ’70s, they stepped into the music scene as a band heavily influenced by the New York Dolls, Kiss, and Alice Cooper. When Dee Snider joined the band in 1976 as the lead singer, they moved to a heavier sound from glam rock direction. Their early days went by playing in clubs since the band would play at least five nights a week.

They were still playing in the clubs in the later years but also had a growing fan base, especially owing to Snider’s great abilities as a frontman. They started to deliver performances also in large venues, which added more days to work for the band members. Later on, Twisted Sister eventually attracted attention from record companies and began recording their debut album.

During his interaction with a user on Twitter, Dee Snider referred to the early days of Twisted Sister and stated that they were doing three shows a night and five nights a week in 1981. He probably recalled the band’s club days and upon seeing his answer, another user asked whether he had any problem with his voice while doing three shows a night. The rocker revealed that he did have ‘major throat problems‘ during those times due to excessive use of his vocals.

Dee Snider wrote:

“That was in 1981 from swinging my massive head around 3 shows a night 5 nights a week! When men were men…and wore lipstick!”

A user replied:

“Three shows a night? How did you have a voice left?”

Snider responded by saying:

“I didn’t. Major throat problems.

You can check out the tweets below.