Dean DeLeo Explains How Stone Temple Pilots Found Scott Weiland’s Replacement

Stone Temple Pilots guitarist Dean DeLeo talked about the process of the band trying to find a new singer to replace the late frontman Scott Weiland and revealed the main reason why Jeff Gutt was their choice during a recent appearance in Anne Erickson’s interview.

The original singer of the band Scott Weiland performed with Stone Temple Pilots for over 20 years. However, Stone Temple Pilots fired Scott back in 2013 and was replaced by Linkin Park’s frontman Chester Bennington.

However, Chester decided to leave Stone Temple Pilots to focus on Linkin Park in November 2015. While everybody was expecting to see Scott back, he accidentally overdosed himself a month later and passed away at the age of 48. As for his replacement, Stone Temple Pilots announced the addition of Jeff Gutt in 2017.

In a conversation with Anne Erickson, DeLeo explained how they decided to add Jeff as the replacement for Weiland. Dean mentioned that Jeff could reproduce every single melody that Scott did in the past records. He also added that he never missed a single tone or melody throughout the auction.

Furthermore, Dean touched upon the fact that Jeff Gutt was the last person that Stone Temple Pilots auctioned in between 40 to 50 people. Apparently, he successfully performed every single song they gave him which brought him the part as the new singer of Stone Temple Pilots.

Dean DeLeo talked about Jeff Gutt and how he joined the band:

“Scott — I can’t say enough about his talent. He was extraordinary. He was a true singer, with these half-step inflections or step-and-a-half inflections. And a lot of times, when we had people come in and audition, a lot of people just kind of stepped right over that stuff.

For instance, ‘Interstate Love Song’ is a perfect example. There are a lot of half-step inflections in that, and a lot of singers we had come in just kind of stepped right over them. It was, like, ‘You’re missing some notes there, man.’

When Jeff came in, Jeff really, really sang every song we gave him. And ‘Interstate’, by the way, was one of those seven. And ‘Trippin’ On A Hole In A Paper Heart’ was one of ’em, ’cause that’s a real hard one to get out. Jeff just nailed it in every respect of the word.”

He continued:

Ironically, Jeff was the last person we auditioned. We kind of went through — ooh, gosh, I’m gonna say 40 – 50 people we auditioned — and we stopped, and Robert went out on the road with the Vampires.

We didn’t know what we were gonna do. And then lo and behold, Robert is in Detroit, this guy approaches him, says, ‘You need to check out this cat Jeff.’ And Jeff was the last person we auditioned. And yes, thank God.”

You can check out the full conversation below.