David Letterman On What Separates U2’s Bono And Edge From Other Rockers

U2‘s frontman Bono and lead guitarist the Edge takes us on a musical journey with the newly released Disney+ documentary, ‘Bono & the Edge: A Sort of Homecoming, with Dave Letterman.’ Reflecting on working with the two musicians during a recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, comedian David Letterman expressed that U2 performed and created at a different level from other rockers in the scene.

The Disney+ documentary, which is about the history and music of U2, aired on Friday. While working on the film, Bono and the Edge decided that including Letterman would be good to bring comedy to it. One of the special musical moments of the documentary is when Bono and the Edge introduce Letterman to the song ‘Forty Foot Man,’ which they wrote about him.

When asked how it was to work with the two U2 legends, the comedian explained that there were many rockers in the scene, writing amazing pieces. However, he thinks that Bono and the Edge are separated from the others with their higher level of artistry and creativity, something that becomes apparent when you spend time with them. According to Letterman, Bono and the Edge are highly intelligent, and what they create is unique and exceptional.

Later, during the conversation, Jimmy Kimmel asked the comedian about the song the two U2 musicians wrote for him. Letterman recalled they were in Marsh’s library, where the Edge had been up late the previous night writing the song ‘Forty Foot Man.’ Although he assumed that the topic would be dropped there, the band members all had music sheets and arrangements and proceeded to perform the song they had created.

Letterman’s words on the Edge and Bono:

“There’s a lot of people in rock and roll music, and a lot of people writing rock and roll music, and the definition of rock and roll music is pretty broad, it’s along the horizon, it’s endless. These guys are existing, performing, and creating at a different level, and when you spend time with them, you get to appreciate that they’re not just another song that you may be hearing somewhere. This is something different. And to me, that was a thrill but also intimidating. And Bono and the Edge [are] wildly smart guys.”

Speaking on the song they wrote about him, the comedian said:

“There’s a place called the Marsh’s library, and it’s like from the 16th century, and there’s books like the size of this chair, and it’s huge and well-regarded academically, and it’s freezing, it was very very cold in there. So, the Edge says, ‘I was up till three o’clock last night writing this song,’ and I thought, ‘Oh, I’ll be darned,’ hoping that would be the end of it.

He starts getting out sheet music and the band, everybody’s got an arrangement, and now they’re singing the song that they have created the night before. And I’m thinking two things, ‘Oh f*ck, I hope this goes away,’ and secondly, I’m thinking, ‘Oh my god, this is not bad.’ So it turns out to be a real deal, and these guys aren’t kidding around writing songs.”

Thus, following this experience with the U2 members, David Letterman realized that they were quite serious about their songwriting abilities. Listening to the song written about him was definitely a memorable and emotional moment for the comedian.