David Lee Roth Releases New Song Dedicated To Survivors Of Kentucky Tornadoes

Former Van Halen frontman David Lee Roth recently posted a tweet on his Twitter account to announce the release of his new song which is dedicated to the ones who who are affected by and recovering from the Kentucky tornadoes.

In early October, David Lee Roth announced he is planning to retire after concluding his five shows at House of Blues at Mandalay Bay at the beginning of January 2022. The musician then said that these shows will be his last goodbye to the fans, and revealed this is the official end of his 50 years of musical career.

After this announcement, Roth went back to his old hobbies and made some artworks to share with his fans online. At that time, some of his fans thought Roth is not serious while others told the musician not to leave the music scene. After a while, Roth excited his fans by adding more dates to his last shows.

According to his recent tweet, Roth has also been working on new music material during his spare time. Just like his artworks in which he depicts social, political, and environmental issues with his own approach, the musician now focused on the impacts of a natural disaster with his music: he released a song dedicated to the survivors of Kentucky Tornadoes.

In the tweet, Roth included a short clip from the official music video of his new song ‘One Piece Thermo-Molded Country Plastic Chair.’ As seen in the black-and-white video, the musician is sitting on a plastic chair with his dog on a rooftop. Moreover, Roth also added a description in the video to reveal the song is for those who are affected by the tornadoes in Kentucky.

The inscription that is seen in the video read:

“Dedicated to all who are affected by and recovering from the Kentucky tornadoes..”

You can check out David Lee Roth’s tweet and the official music video of ‘One Piece Thermo-Molded Country Plastic Chair’ below.