David Lee Roth Recalls The Time He Made Fun Of Some Cops Without Knowing There Were Spies Around Him

The rock world’s post-modern visual artist, David Lee Roth, recently treated his fans with a series of new caricatures in which he told the story of how he carelessly commented on the police officers who were standing across him without realizing there were people eavesdropping.

David Lee Roth seems to have hit pause on his career as a rockstar as since the outbreak of Covid-19 he’s been working on his talents as a visual artist. First, he started by creating sketches that reflected his thoughts on the pandemic, social and political matters, and the rock scene, but for the past couple of months, he’s been using his artwork to tell stories from his own life.

As you know, Diamond Dave is not the type of rockstar -if there are any- that likes authority, or in specific, the police. In fact, just over a month ago, he’d told the story of how he escaped the cops while cycling in the neighborhood that the Van Halens and he grew up, who were after him for literally no apparent reason.

In his most recent caricatures, Roth talked about the time he was observing the police officers who had dressed up as civilians and were hanging out in a CVS parking lot. Although they didn’t have their uniforms on, David immediately understood they were cops as they were ‘goofballs’ smoked cigarettes, and had beards and huge bellies.

Looking at them seems to have made the rockstar angry as soon after he started observing them, he shared his thoughts about them with a friend. Roth made fun of the police officers and called them ‘Mirror shared cheapys that don’t fit‘ and while this comment made both him and his friend laugh, the cops eavesdropping behind him weren’t.

Here’s what he said in his new sketches:

“For me.

It’s two military-age thugs. Wife beater & shirts, mirror shades, all beards, bellies, and ‘fuck you.’

Leaning on the driverside door in a CVS parking lot spitting, smoking.”

He went on to say:

“Some time ago I said to somebody:

‘I think I hold the mortgage on the first time. Plainclothes, goofballs, cigarettes, they don’t know how to smoke. Mirror shared cheapys that don’t fit…’

I was laughing, the two behind me listening, were not…”

You can check out David Lee Roth’s tweet below.