David Lee Roth Is Back With A New Cover Of Tommy Tutone’s ‘867-5309/Jenny’

David Lee Roth shared a cover of  Tommy Tutone’s ‘867-5309/Jenny’ on his official YouTube channel.

‘867-5309/Jenny’ was released in 1981 on the album ‘Tommy Tutone 2’ by Columbia Records. The song reached number four on the Billboard Hot 100 and number one on the Rock Top Tracks chart in April 1982.

Some Fan Reactions To Roth’s Release

Fans usually made positive comments about the singer’s version of the track. One person wrote:

“Just saw this while I’m getting ready for a job interview. Thanks Dave for loosening me up! Today’s gonna rock!”

Another one was also pleased to see the cover:

“There is David Lee Roth! You know we need him more than ever now!”

One other commenter wished for more songs from DLR:

“Jesus, I love how random Diamond Dave is these days haha. Bring more!”

Another fan was among the ones who liked Roth’s version:

“This was waaaaaaaay better than I expected. DLR forever.”

DLR’s Other Recent Releases

In March, the rocker also released a cover of Van Halen’s hit song ‘Jump,’ which is actually based on another cover. Solo artist Alex Melton made an alt-pop indie-rock version of the song about a month before the singer’s release. Fans loved both versions. Fans of Van Halen praised Melton’s version of the song, with one commenter suggesting it should be on the radio. Another said:

“This is my favorite way to hear a cover… updating a great song to a more current aesthetic. That’s exactly what Van Halen did back in the day on their early days with songs like ‘Dancing in the Street,’ ‘Pretty Woman,’ and ‘You’re No Good.'”

Later in April, Diamond Dave put out a new song called ‘Scotch And Sofa.’ It’s different from his usual rock style; it has a bachata influence. This shows Roth is trying out new sounds.

Below, you can listen to Roth’s cover and the original song.