David Lee Roth Goes Into Bachata Music

David Lee Roth released a new song called ‘Scotch And Sofa.’ This isn’t just any song, though — it sounds like it’s inspired by bachata.

‘Scotch And Sofa 4’ shows Roth isn’t just sticking to rock music — it seems he’s exploring new sounds and rhythms by experimenting with bachata vibes.

Bachata began in the 20th century with sad themes (it was even called ‘amargue,’ which means bitterness). Now it’s danced to worldwide.

Roth Previously Said He Was Retiring

David Lee Roth announced he would retire from music in 2021. He said he made this decision after Eddie Van Halen’s passing. Fans didn’t believe him at that time, and it seems they weren’t wrong — Roth continues to surprise them with new music.

Roth also released another song not long ago. ‘Election Year’ talks about the United States’ upcoming presidential election and features some strong political themes. He covered Van Halen’s ‘Jump’ with a new twist as well.

You can listen to the song below.