David Lee Roth Criticizes Religions In His New Art-Work Related To World Peace

Van Halen singer David Lee Roth shared another episode of his The Soggy Bottom comic via his official Twitter account and criticized the people.

As you might already remember, David Lee has been sharing his artwork on Twitter to share his thoughts since the coronavirus epidemic started, and this time, he wanted to talk about keeping the world peace.

In the post, you can see that David Lee was looking for world peace in the comic and wanted to explain how we can live peacefully with a simple but difficult answer, religions.

David touched upon the fact that almost every religion hates each other and showed that this hate wouldn’t be a great thing for humankind. As far as we can understand, he wanted peace for the religions to increase the amount of happiness around the world.

Here is what David Lee Roth wrote:

“The buddhists hate the bapthists. Catholics hate em too. Most folks hate the protestants and everyone hates the jews.”

You can check out the post below.