Robert Plant Makes An Emotional Surprise To John Bonham’s Sister Deborah Bonham

Recently, in Blackpool, England, Robert Plant graced the stage alongside Deborah Bonham, the sister of the late Led Zeppelin drummer John Bonham.

The surprise performance included renditions of Led Zeppelin classics ‘The Lemon Song’ and ‘Ramble On.’ Deborah’s musical journey is intertwined with Plant’s support and encouragement. At the age of 17, she recorded her first demos in Plant’s home, a crucial moment that led to her securing a record deal in 1985 and releasing her debut album ‘For You and the Moon.’

Remembering John Bonham

Over the years, Bonham has carved out her own successful career, touring with notable acts like Van Halen and Foreigner, all while maintaining a close friendship with Plant. In a 2022 chat with Louder Sound, Deborah talked about her relationship with the singer, highlighting how tragedy brought them closer. She said:

“I’m lucky to have that closeness. It got even closer when we were working on John Bonham’s memorial statue. The loss of my brothers John and Michael and the humor we had, I now have that with Robert. It’s why I like being in the band; it brings that humor back for me.”

Shared Stages And Looking Ahead

The connection between Plant and Deborah goes beyond personal support; it extends to their musical collaborations over the years. Notably, Plant has surprised audiences by joining Bonham on stage for memorable performances, including a rendition of ‘When the Levee Breaks.’

Plant is set to tour various U.K. cities with his band Saving Grace starting in March, followed by performances with Alison Krauss in June at the Wolf Trap in Vienna, Virginia.

You can watch the footage from their performance here.