John Bonham’s Sister And Robert Plant Got Closer After Bonzo’s Death


Late Led Zeppelin drummer John Bonham’s sister and musician Deborah Bonham spoke to Louder Sound and opened up about the relationship between him and the band’s frontman Robert Plant. Bonham highlighted that the tragic events brought them closer to one another.

Like his brother, Deborah was born talented and interested in creating music when she was very young. At seventeen, she was passionate about writing and singing and recorded her first demos at Robert Plant’s house in a nearby village. Plant contributed a lot to Deborah’s first step to a professional career as a musician by giving her advice and encouraging her to send them to a record company.

It was the beginning, and since then, Bonham has been releasing successful and well-crafted works. Also, Plant and Bonham shared the stage many times for special occasions. In one of them, years ago, the singer joined Bonham for a show as a surprise guest, and they performed the Led Zeppelin classic ‘When the Levee Breaks.’ Therefore, there’s no doubt that they have been very close and see each other as brother and sister.

In her interview, Deborah stated that she’s lucky to stay connected with him and highlighted that their connection became deeper after her brother passed away due to pulmonary asphyxiation on September 25, 1980. It was so hard for her, and Plant was there to support the musician, especially while they were working on John Bonham’s memorial statue. After losing John and Michael, Plant became her new brother.

Here’s what the reporter asked:

“You’ve played with Robert Plant a lot, and he’s something akin to a brother to you now. Might he pop up in the audience on tour?”

Bonham responded:

“He was there in London last week! I’m lucky to have that closeness. It got even closer when we were working on John Bonham’s memorial statue. The loss of my brothers John and Michael, and the humor we had, I now have that with Robert. It’s why I like being in the band; it brings that humor back for me.”

You can check out one of those moments below.