David Gilmour’s Favorite Radiohead Album

Radiohead successfully entered the rock music scene with its 1993 debut album ‘Pablo Honey,’ especially known for the worldwide hit ‘Creep.’ The second album, ‘The Bends,’ which came out in 1995, received higher acclaim than the debut record and has sold over two million copies. The 1997 album ‘OK Computer’ brought them international popularity.

Pink Floyd, who had already become a world-famous band, was on a hiatus during the rise of Radiohead. They took a break after releasing ‘The Division Bell,’ which ranked number 1 in various countries and completing its massive tour in 1994. David Gilmour, who contributed to the band with his guitar and songwriting mastery, was a fan of Radiohead and had a favorite record of the newly-rising band.

David Gilmour Was A Fan of Radiohead

Radiohead’s worldwide rise started following the 1995 record ‘The Bends,’ which included the singles such as ‘My Iron Lung’ and ‘Just.’ The song ‘Street Spirit (Fade Out)’ achieved significant success becoming the band’s top-five UK entrance. Although the album failed to achieve more success than ‘Creep’ outside the United Kingdom, it became number 4 on the UK Albums Chart.

Besides many music critics, this album was also praised by rock musicians, and the guitarist David Gilmour was one of them. During a 1999 interview with Q Magazine, Gilmour’s review was asked about Radiohead’s then latest release, 1997 record ‘OK Computer.’ The rocker initially pointed out that he was a fan of the band and revealed the previous one, ‘The Bends,’ was his favorite one.

David Gilmour said the following when asked to share his opinion on Radiohead’s ‘OK Computer:.’

“I’m a fan of Radiohead. They’re really good. Actually, I prefer the one before. What’s that one called? ‘The Bends,’ that’s right.”

Following their achievements with ‘The Bends’ and ‘OK Computer,’ Radiohead’s success continued with the release of ‘Kid A’ in 2000. They embraced a different style in their sound by combining the elements of electronic music, jazz, classical music, and krautrock in this record. While the album debuted at the top of the UK Albums Chart, it also became their first number-1 record on the Billboard 200 in the US.