David Gilmour Admits Being Frustrated By His Inability To Help The War In Ukraine

In CNN Newsroom’s official Twitter account’s recent post, Pink Floyd icon David Gilmour revealed his feelings about the war between Russia and Ukraine. The guitarist explained the reason behind creating and releasing a brand new song by giving personal details.

For months, Russia has been trying to claim its right in Ukraine territories due to the country’s close relationship between NATO and United Nations, which was a threat to them. Thus, the people of Ukraine are still fighting for their freedom which is too valuable to let President Putin take away from them. Starting from the attack, almost every country and its citizens have been sharing thoughtful and supportive messages nonstop.

As one of these people, Gilmour has been reacting to this unjust war between the two countries for a long time through his speeches, social media posts, and bold actions toward Russia. It’s also a personal tragedy for the guitarist because of his Ukrainian daughter-in-law and grandchildren, so Gilmour thought he had to do more than remove Pink Floyd songs from the streaming platforms in Russia.

Consequently, this was the main idea and inspiration behind Pink Floyd’s new song ‘Hey Hey Rise Up’ with BoomBox singer Andriy Khlyvnyuk, released on April 7, 2022. In his recent interview, the Pink Floyd legend highlighted that he was very frustrated by not doing anything to help the Ukrainian people. Therefore this project was a great chance to support and boost their morale during the ongoing war in their country.

CNN Newsroom’s tweet read:

“Rock legend David Gilmour of Pink Floyd shares his personal ties to Ukraine as the band releases its first song in 28 years titled ‘Hey Hey Rise Up’ in support of Ukraine.”

Gilmour shared his ideas, saying:

I was already very frustrated by my inability to do anything much about these awful things that are going on there in Ukraine. It seemed like a great thing to arrive at that I could turn into something which would actively I hope to do some positive, help  boost the morale of people in Ukraine, and forces there fighting off this Russian attack.”

You can check out the tweet and listen to the song below.