David Ellefson Shares His Worst Experience On Drugs, ‘It Took A Year Until People Would Trust Me’


Megadeth bass guitarist David Ellefson spoke in a recent interview with Louder Sound and talked about his worst experiences with using drugs.

In the conversation, David recalled the time when he was using heroin during one of the biggest shows of his career and said that he was in his worst condition at that time.

As David mentioned that it’s a chance to make amends every time they played on stage ever since, he also revealed another devastating problem he faced in the same period.

According to David, he was letting people down and not keeping his promises because he was addicted to heroin and said that it took a year until people trust him when he got sober in 1990.

Interviewer asked:

“What’s been your worst experience on drugs?”

David Ellefson replied:

“When I got sober in 1990 it took a year until people would trust me because I was always letting them down. The 18 months before that – starting with Monsters Of Rock at Donington 1988 – were incredibly dark.

That’s why Download for me is a moment where everything gets brought back home: playing the biggest shows of my life, but in my worst condition due to being a heroin addict. Every time we’ve played since is a chance to make amends.”

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