Brian Welch Says Jonathan Davis Hated Him For Almost Demolishing A $23 Million Deal

Korn members Brian’ Head’ Welch, Jonathan Davis, and James Shaffer spoke to GQ magazine, and Welch reflected on the period when he decided to leave the band and why Jonathan Davis was mad at him.

Brian Welch announced his departure from Korn in 2005 and said that he was not content with the way things were going, which was shocking for their fans and his bandmates. Welch also said that he had found Jesus and was going through a religious revival. He had decided to dedicate his life to his faith and get battle his addictions.

Welch also noted that he wanted to focus on his young daughter and spend more time with her. Welch rejoined Korn in 2013, which surprised many people, but the Head said he couldn’t resist it anymore. He also recently admitted that he ‘went too far’ with Christianity, and it was like an obsession for him at the time.

During his appearance on GQ, Brian Welch referred to the time he left the band and said that Jonathan Davis hated him for almost blowing a $23 million deal. They were planning to sign the contract in the coming weeks, but Welch just walked away to deal with his personal issues, and Davis was furious at him.

Here are Welch’s words on the topic:

“There was so much disunity and bitterness when I left Korn and everything, but after time, Jonathan got better. He hated me at one point. They were signing a $23 million deal, and that’s when I left. I almost demolished that deal, and he was mad at me.”

The three Korn members also reflected on their careers, upcoming tours, and family lives during the rest of the conversation. As for their latest projects, the nu-metal band recently hit the road and will be performing for their fans until Summer 2022.